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How To Gauge A Company's Culture

People leave bad cultures and bad managers.

A sense of belonging is the best offering any company can provide in today's time.

But people somehow skip this step of evaluating company culture before making their final decision. Understanding work cultures give you a better insight into your "next 5 or 10 years" and how your personality will be shaped by the opportunity.

Poor cultures also promote bad attitude and turn people into bad leaders.

But how to gauge a company's culture beforehand?

Follow these steps and get clarity:

1. Listen to the company's podcasts or their CXO's podcasts if any

2. Watch employee interviews conducted by parties outside the organization. These mostly include senior employees or employees working in a certain capacity. But thorough research will always provide better results.

3. Match their Vision statement with their actions. Companies should walk the talk. Otherwise, the Vision is just a false statement made to lure employees (and investors broadly)

4. Reach out to current and ex-employees to understand management mindset and overall culture.

5. Ask culture related questions during the interview process. (Inclusion and Diversity)

6. Check for presence of Mental Health compliance policies and practices. (They do exist but not very common. It will be easier to find these in International MNCs than in Indian MNCs.)

7. Check for Diversity and Inclusion policies at all levels in company hierarchy. (Gender neutrality and Gender equality being the top points of concern)

Bonus: A lot of certificates and accreditations for being a good place to work are thrown around for a lot of MONEY. Not all of them have credibility. Do thorough research before calling these awards prestigious.

Not every BEHEMOTH of a company is a good place to work at!

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