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How To Find The Right People on LinkedIn

Googling is a skill that needs to be showcased on resume.

I have read this statement a gazillion times on LinkedIn. People write it with the spirit of cracking a joke or revolutionizing how recruiters perceive "important" skills. And you know what? It makes no difference whatsoever! actually understand how recruiters use Google Search to headhunt! ;)

What actually makes a difference is your ability to find these rockstar recruiters, managers and professionals in general, who utilize LinkedIn to source the best crop of talent.

When Vinay reached out to me yesterday for helping him understand what went wrong with his job search strategy, I offered a few on-surface insights to help him land more interviews. Investment Banking jobs are difficult to find and even more difficult to crack. But most people get stuck in the first step itself.

If you notice, my first point is asking him to utilize LinkedIn Boolean Search.

Considering a search based on Investment Banking, these variations of searches would help Vinay in finding more relevant connections:

  • recruiter AND ("investment banking")

  • "investment banking" AND (manager OR "vice president")

Boolean Search on LinkedIn
Boolean Search on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Boolean Search
LinkedIn Boolean Search

While there are more permutations and combinations possible, this is a good place to start.

You can apply this to any and every skillset. But creating connections is a totally different game. More about that later..

Want to understand how Boolean Operators work?

Check this link and thank me later :D

A few highlights of how Kareer Kite has shaped post launch in December 2021:

  • 55+ career consultations booked for the experience range 2-23 years

  • 98 mentees enrolled for my mentorship program via LinkedIn

  • received enquiries for Webinar format delivery

Happy Hunting!

Your Coach

-Kishita "Top Interview Coach" Thakar

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