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The Best Tool to Help You Nail Your Interviews

I went blank during my interview. I forgot the very concept I was most confident in! I was asked to write a simple code and yet it took me 30 minutes to write it! I blew it, Kishita.

I have heard this at least a dozen times in the past one month. You step in for an interview, the interviewer asks you a simple question and you start sweating every small detail of what you say and do during the course of the interview. (and sweat actually too!)

On your path of nervousness, you end up bungling the easiest of questions and the most obvious ones too! Isn't it the same as your degree and school examinations?

You know the answer to just about everything before the examination begins. Your confidence is sky high. Just when everything seems too rosy, the invigilator steps in, hands out answer sheets and question papers and watches you sweat through your cotton finery! A piece of paper, makes you question everything you prepared for an entire semester. A single question disrupts your entire interview performance!

You can tackle "blanking out" problems. You just need to nip the source in the bud.

I came up with a simple and strategic solution for all these unfortunate sufferers of nervousness: Game Of Randoms

Well it doesn't involves innovation. But it certainly entails some creativity.

Here is what to do to play the Game Of Randoms:

Best Method to crack technical interviews
Random Chooser

  1. Install any free "Random Option Picker" app you can find on your app store (as per your phone brand). I am using RandomChooser from Play Store.

  2. Insert the 'Top 10 Mostly Asked Questions" as per your role and industry. (I have taken random coding questions. You can do this with any type of questions you want. Requires some research.)

  3. Get your nearest family member or friend to click on "randomize" for you.

  4. Set a time limit and solve/answer your question in the given time frame.

  5. Do this three times in a day, Seven days continuously and see the "element of surprise" disappear from the interview process!

  6. Make it more difficult: Increase the options to 20, Add questions which are the most difficult to solve for you (Use questions as per your target company)

  7. Keep practicing in this manner and you will understand your pain points better than anyone out there. You will finally know what to work on exactly to get better at your interview game!

  8. Maintain a progress report. Give yourself marks and stars.

Bonus: Ask your family member or friend to create this Game of Randoms on their phone for you and make it the toughest level yet! (Give them a Chocolate Bar later :))

Play this game and be the winner of all interviews.

Let me know if you found this useful :)

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