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My Story

  • I have helped 350+ professionals in enhancing their job search process and landing amazing offers.

  • Being in the recruitment industry for 7+ years, I have worked with 60+ companies (both TECH and non-TECH) and I know exactly what they are looking for

  • I have worked closely with Founders, CEOs, Talent Acquisition Teams, Business Heads and Interviewers.

  • I have helped companies in mapping talent, restructuring and designing hiring strategies. 

  • Recruitment Entrepreneurship gives me insights which are not known to public in general

  • My vision is to create a community of well prepared and well researched Job Seekers who know their worth and will not settle for subpar jobs and mediocre pay. Kareer Kite is my attempt to actualize my vision.

  • I believe in overpreparing and it has helped my mentees in landing jobs with Salesforce, Google, Big4s like EY, Deloitte and PwC,  Startups like Zomato and PayTM and consulting firms like BCG, Bain & Co. and more

  • Generic solutions provide short-term view but Focused and specific solutions provide a long-term vision. This is the idea that gave birth to Kareer Kite.

  • 80% of the battle is won before entering your first round of interview. Let's prepare!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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